SS TeeJet AA31 - GUN

Comfortable palm fitting gun. For use
with any TeeJet spray tip. 1/49 NPS (M)
inlet connection.
Forged brass body and nickel-plated steel
trigger. Teflon® valve seat and packing,
stainless steel valve stem.

SPECIAL  NET PRICE $ 105.50 + gst


SS TeeJet 6671-18 & 6671-48 - WANDS

Curved wand with fixed body (no swivel) for pressures up to 125psi (8.6bar) suitable for gun AA31

SPECIAL  NET PRICE $ 35.80 + gst (18″)

SPECIAL  NET PRICE $ 57.80 + gst (48″)


SS TeeJet 5500B - NOZZLE

Knurled body of tip rotates through a half turn to provide spray selection from wide angle, finely atomized cone spray to a straight stream

SPECIAL  NET PRICE $ 38.50 + gst

SS TeeJet 11990-64

Swivel hose tail, connection ¼”M NPT and hose 10mm. Made of brass

SPECIAL  NET PRICE $ 29.85 + gst