With increasing technology in the boom spraying systems (live boom, 3TS)vehicle tare weights and boom flexibility, a new era of boom was required to meet the standards of both our customers and what AGTECH HAWKES BAY LTD wanted to produce.
AGTECH’s alloy boom, with hydraulic lift, variable geometry (wing lift), hydraulic outer fold (allowing for the boom to be operated in smaller widths), hydraulic fold and 3D construction, means that we can meet the customers’ requirements while adding many benefits, overall width and the obvious light weight. This boom was chosen to do this.
Ease of fitting, 3TS spray system with live booms while offering outstanding nozzle protection and in-field handling make this boom the leader in the field.

steel BOOMS

A long time servant to our products, is the steel boom: 2D construction, hydraulic lift, hydraulic fold and wing lift, this boom is still a perfect match to a lot of customers.
Customers not requiring all the “bells & whistles”, the steel boom continue to prove great in the field and in simplicity.