This grape sprayer, exactly like the TRIFAN STINGER, boasts a solid but compact construction and a “small-footprint” that allows her to nimbly make her way through some of the narrowest rows in the Vineyards, with a maximum tank width of 1080mm and tandem wheel set-up, this unit can safely operate in rows down to 1.6 m.

It has a sandblasted and painted steel chassis, a 2000L tank and a bonnet (pump cover) made or robust fiber-glass.

Available in a 2rows version and a 3rows version, can come with a fresh water tank and/or protection side panels as an optional.

ARAG 4-sections controls, and ARAG head-unit in the cab, a Comet high pressure pump.

Once more, the key-words are simplicity and reliability.

One of the real advantages of our specialized over-row “Dual-Boom” is that it allows each spray head to operate independently and can cross-over behind each other to ensure that the distance between canopy and nozzles is always correct. This also makes the 3row unit easier to turn in tight head lands.

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